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Our objective is to honor and recognize our veterans for their service and to support them as they reintegrate back to civilian life. The annual Phoenix Veterans Day Parade is HAV’s premier recognition event and has grown to become one of the largest Veterans Day Parades in the country, giving our community, young and old alike, the opportunity to come together and publicly acknowledge and thank our veterans for all they have done for us and our country.
The impact this event has on our veterans is evidenced in these remarks from one of our 2012 Veteran Grand Marshalls, Peter Haas, Korean War Veteran, and Purple Heart Recipient:

“In the fall of 1953, the Korean soldiers returned to the U.S. as veterans. The public turned their backs on us since it was the first time that U.S. Troops did not win on foreign soil. This was a bitter “pill” to swallow and the rejection shown towards Korean veterans had a significant psychological effect that burdened me for the next 60 years. I was honored to be in the 2012 Veterans Day Parade, and the salutes and respect shown brought me some closure for the first time.”



HAV is the sole fundraiser and producer of the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. We count on the generosity of community members like yourself to support our efforts in giving our veterans the recognition they deserve. If you would like information on how to become an official “sponsor” of this event, please contact us at or you can donate through this website.


The Phoenix Veterans Day Parade is primarily supported by private donations from businesses and individuals.

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